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Brief History of CPR

After years of gathering broad experience within both small and large traditional consulting firms, Ned Murphy formed Central Planet Repair LLC in February 2002 to present a more practical and low cost approach to providing environmental consulting services to clients. The practicality of using the approach was to be the doer-seller and provide the client complete access to the technical capabilities. The lower cost came from the ability to bypass the middle management and overhead contained in the large consulting firms by providing contact directly with the technical team and providing innovative solutions to traditional problems.

Through the use of the innovation, CPR has experienced remarkable growth in a very crowded environmental market in Hawaii. We have been able to provide effective environmental engineering and consulting services to assist our clients in managing their environmental affairs and maintaining their compliance with regulatory agency requirements. A few of the numerous industries we have worked for are petroleum, telecommunication, metal finishing, financial, recycling, construction, waste management, and automotive rental. In the last five years, CPR has contracted over 35 clients. Of the clients, approximately 80% have retained CPR for additional services outside of the original scope of work and approximately 50% have contracted new projects to CPR.